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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




1. Our company is interested to acquire T10, can you install trial version first before buying?

Yes. T10 Explorer is distributed as "try-before-you-buy" software. Anyone may use an unregistered copy of this software with limited functionality for evaluation purposes only.


2. We have our own SQL Server, do you allow to use our server for T10 Explorer.

Yes. On-premise SQL Server database is allowed.


3. After buying and there are updates made on T10, are these updates free of charge?

For T10 itself, all updates are free as you can always download the latest version on this site.

For system applications developed using T10, it depends on the updates made into the application but most of the time, these are also given for free by T10 Developers.


4. Can I customize existing apps using T10?

Yes but you need to ask first your T10 Admin before making any customizations.


5. Can I develop our own ERP using T10

Yes. All the systems here are developed using T10.


6. Can I, as freelancer, apply as reseller for T10?

Yes, provided that you know how to use the systems that you want to sell and the T10 Developer will allow you to sell his/her system applications.


7. Do you provide free training for T10.

Yes. If you are interested to learn T10 and want to become a reseller, just send your letter of intent to any T10 Developers.







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