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Before you can start developing your own system, you must have access right to the Admin Setup. Moreover, creating a new app may require you to create the needed database tables first. You can use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to create and modify tables to suit your requirments. After creating the needed tables, you can start developing new apps.

Almost all systems developed here are seamlessly integrated and they use the same master files. You can update these master files via the Admin Setup.


1. Systems - contains all the list of systems. You can add more to the list if you wish to develop new systems.

2. Viewer Templates - contains all the list of editable viewer templates. A viewer template serves as user interface (UI) which displays data and handles user interaction. The system is shipped with several viewer templates. You can modify or add more templates to suit your needs.

3. Embedded Viewer Templates - contains all the list of non-editable Viewer Templates. They have the same purpose as Viewer Templates as discussed above.

4. Pagination Input Panel - contains all the list of Input Panels. An Input Panel is a container control for input controls that can be placed on a Viewer Template to help you create powerful data input applications. You can choose from any combination of the native data input controls such as TextBox, ComboBox, CheckBox, Label, etc.

5. Lookup Table Collections -contains all the list of lookup tables. A lookup table is usually used to create a dropdown or pop-up window showing records where you can easily search and select the item(s) from another table.

6. Report Templates - contains all the list of report templates that can be attached to an application. You can modify or create more report templates.

7. T10 Clients - contains all the list of authorized clients and their authentication credentials.

8. Help Source Setup - is used to link the Help file to a specific module so that when the user press F1, the specific help section will be shown automatically.

9. Import Mapping - is used to map external file to be imported into the system using Import/Export module. Ex: Uploading of biometrics time in-out, POS sales transactions, etc.

10. Constrainst Overuled - Authorizer - contains the list of users who are authorized to overide constraints.

11. Data Definition and User Guide - contains the list of data definition of each system application.

12. Company and Company Rights - list of companies and their rights to use system apps given to them

13. User and User Rights - list of users and their rights to use system apps given to them.

14. The Good News - contains all The Good News that system will randomly pick and show it for 20 seconds when you login into the system.

Most of the above master files are already setup for you. You can directly modify or create new app using the App Gallery.







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