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Using Word, you can create your own report template or you may use your existing reports as templates. Word template is usually used for simple reporting only unlike Excel. The system fills the word template using placehorder. It also supports filling up word tables.


Replace word placeholders: Placeholders are enclosed in % or {}. Example: %EngagementDate% or {EngagementDate}

Placehoder format: ToUpper, ToTitleCase and ToSentenceCase functions for Word placeholder formatting: Ex: %CoName.ToUpper()%, %CoName.ToTitleCase()%

Sum of numeric column of the datasouce: Syntax: {TableName.ColumnName.Sum} or {ColumnName.Sum}

Copy Excel range into Word tables using Word table's caption title as table linked name.
You can use excel comment to mark as the table ranges. Syntax: _Table: TableName Ex: _Table: CIB (In this syntax, the table name will be CIB) By default the datatable will be named column1, column2....etc.
 To add column name for the datatable you must include in the comment _WithHeader and the first row will be used as field header
 To add field type for the datatable, you must include in the comment _WithFieldType. The excel column format will be used to determine the field type of each column.
 Note: Merge cells on Word table is not fully supported.

Following are word report templates with explanations on how they are being filled up by the system so that you can use them as a guide when creating your own report template.

1.Audit Engagement template. A simple report template by replacing the word placehoders enclosed in % with the values from the datasource. Click here to view download the file.

2.Notes to FS template. This sample uses excel file as an external datasource. It copies the excel tables into the word tables. Click here to download the file.


Be noted that you must have Word installed on your machine to view the generated report. If you are using Office 365, you must fill up the Destination File textbox to save the report and open it afterwards.





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