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Excel Report Document




Using Excel, you can create your own report template or you can even use your existing excel reports as templates. The system uses Excel tables to serve as datasources. It populates the excel report templates by mapping the table names and column names when generating the reports.


Fill up tables based on table names and their columns

Fill up tables using primary key or primary group key.

Transpose datatable rows into columns.

Groupings with header, footer and sub-totals up to 3 levels.

Grand totals for numeric columns

Mail-merge where each generated mail is placed into a separate worksheet

Copy/Paste cell range.

Filter datasource

Sort datasource

Suppress columns. This serves just like suppress data when duplicated.

Hide rows or columns

Hide or delete worksheet

Protect generated report with password

Export excel into pdf file.

Following are excel templates with explanations on how they are being populated by the system so that you can use them as a guide when creating your own report template.

1.Trial Balance. A simple report template by transferring the data from the system to the excel file using excel table without predefined schema.

2. Trial Balance 2. A report template with grouping of records. A sub-total for each group and a grand total are added. See ralated schema for details.

3. Income Statement. A report template that fills up the value based on PrimaryGroupKey and PrimaryKey. This contains also a filter for nominal accounts. See related schema for details.

Items 1 - 3 above uses one excel template. You can download here. You may also execute the GL System-> Reports -> FS Basic to see the actual result.

4. Books of Accounts columnar type. A report template that transposes rows into columns where the AccountCode and AccountTitle becomes the columns of the report. Click here to download the actual sample. You can execute the GL System -> Reports -> Books Of Accounts-Columnar to see the actual result.

5. MailMerge sample template. A payslip mailmerge sample. You can download here. You may also execute Payroll System -> Reports -> Payslip to see the actual result.

6. MailMerge sample with copy/paste cell range. Click here to download actual template. A payslip mailmerge template with copy/paste cell range to create a compact payslip. See schema and comments inside the excel file for details.


After creating your report documents, you must add them into the Report Templates app so that they can be attached to an app.

Be noted that you must have Excel installed on your machine to view the generated report. If you are using Office 365, you must fill up the Destination File textbox to save the generated report and open it manually.





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