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Report Document




A report document or sometimes referred to as report template is usually an external file that the system will populate at runtime when generating report.

The system currently supports the following reporting tools in creating reports:

SQL Reporting Services (rdl and rdlc files). Click here for details.

Crystal Reports (rpt files). Click here for details.

Excel File (xlsx files). Click here for details.

Word (docx files). Click here for details.

PDF Files. Click here for details.

Flex Report

The corresponding applications must be installed to your machine before you can create a report document. Example: For PDF template, you must have pdf editor like Acrobat installed. See sub-category of this topic for more details on how to create report document.

There 3 steps needed before a report can be made accessible from the system as listed below.

1. Create the report document which will serve as the report template.See sub-category of this topic on how to create a report document.

2. Add the report document into the table report templates. See Report Templates for details.

3. Attach the report template into an app and define its datasources. See Attach Report Template to an App for details.





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