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Overview and Key Features




The GL System is designed based on PFRS and compliant with BIR CAS and loose-leaf requirements. It's integrated with the T10-BIR System that automatically computes taxes, generates returns and dat files for eSubmission.

It is further integrated with front-end modules such as Sales and POS, Inventory, Payables, PPE, Project Management, Payroll, HOA and others . It follows the double-entry bookkeeping method where each bookkeeping entry debits one account and credits another account in an equal amount. Thus, maintaining the accounting equation:


For a good internal control, direct access and posting of entries from the front-end modules into the GL is not recommended. This is to ensure that only accounting personnel have access on recording of journal entries. To integrate and automate the entries coming from the front-end modules, DTS (Data Transfer Service) is provided to serve as bridge between the GL and the front-ent modules. GL pulls data from the front-end module and automatically record the entries through batch processing. However, system developer can still design the front-ent module to automatically post the entries into the GL if seamless integration is more desireable than the additional layer of internal control obtained through batch processing.


Key Features:



Books of Accounts

Journal Voucher Register
  Sales Journal Register or Cash/Checks Receipt Books
  Purchase Journal Register or Check Disbursement Book
 General Ledger
 (Additional Books can be added by the user. Separate Books for the branches can also be setup)

Journal Entries

Journal Voucher (JV)
 Payable Voucher(PV)
 Check Voucher (CV)
 Cash/Check Receipts Book (OR/CR)
 Sales Journal (Invoice)

Account Listings and Subsidiary Ledgers

SL - Accounts Receivables
 SL - Accounts Payables
 Income and Expenses Accounts
 Account listings for all accounts

Controls and Other Entries

Closing of Accounting books
Year-end closing of Nominal Accounts
 Automatic Journal Entries
 Auto-generation of Document Number
Accounting for Collections
 Accounting for Disbursement
 Bank reconciliation
Request for funding
Check Printing

Financial and Management Reports

FS for each branch

Consolidated FS for group of companies

Statement of Financial Position
 Statement of Comprehensive Income
 Statement of Cash Flows
Statement of Changes In Equity
 Financial Ratios
 Checks Monitoring Report for PDCs, Released, Unreleased, Cleared and Uncleared Checks
 General and Administrative Expenses
 Create your own report templates using Excel, Word, PDF, Crystal Reports and SQL Reporting Services

Project Cost System
 (Separate system)

Project Estimate Master File
 Cost Estimate vs. Actual Cost
 Cost Estimate vs. Amount Requested
 Request For Payment

BIR Module (Integrated with GL Entries)

CAS Books of Accounts
 Loose-leaf Books of Accounts
 Monthly Debits and Credits
 eBIRForms: 2550M, 2550Q, 1601C, 1601E
 2307, 1702Q
 SLSP,Alphalist, SAWT & MAP
 DAT File Generation
 List of Regular Suppliers






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