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Overview and Key Features




The Payroll System is designed based on the latest BIR and DOLE regulations. Furthermore, it is TRAIN and EMLL compliant. This system is integrated with the HRIS and Attendance Monitoring systems but it can be used independently.

Key Features:



Payroll Types

Weekly, Semi-monthly, Monthly,
Daily Wage Earner
 Fixed Wage Earner
Day Shift, Night Shift, Graveyard Shift, and Flexi Time Schedules

Master Files

Employee master files
 SSS, Philhealth and Pagibig Contribution Tables
GSIS & ECIP (Government employee)
 WithholdingTax Table
 Tax Exemption Table (obsolete because of TRAIN)
 Cost Centers/Location Assignment
 De Minimis Benefits
 PERA, RATA (Government employee)
 Salary Grade (Government employee)
Tax-Free Threshold

Integration and Computations

Can be integrated to HRIS and Biometrics time keeping
Automated computation of Lates, Undertime, OT, ND, OTND
 Automated computation of Withholding Taxes, SSS, Phic and Pagibig Contributions
 Maternity Leave Benefits based on EMLL
 Automated computation of 13th Month Pay


Payroll Summary
 ATM Payment
Payroll Register
Maternity Leave Benefits
Employee Allowances
 Employee Advances
 SSS and Pagibig Loans Reports
 Tax Refund and Tax Due

BIR Module

1601C, 1604CF
 2316 (latest RMC 100-2019)
 Year-end Alphalist of Employees with Annex F
 DAT File Generation





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