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Adding New Record




Grid's AllowAddNew property must be True in order for the user to add new records to the grid interactively. Adding new record is always done at the last empty row of the grid with marked *. The short-cut key for adding new record is CNTRL+ADD.


Below is a screenshot for adding new record at the end of the grid.

play stop



Click Save toolbar after adding the new records.


If the AllowAddNew property is True, an empty AddNew row, marked by an asterisk in the record selector column, will be displayed after the last record. The user can initiate an add operation by navigating to the AddNew row, either by clicking it or by using the DOWN ARROW key, then typing new data. The first character typed will cause the grid to insert a blank row before the AddNew row. The newly inserted blank row becomes the current row, and the grid fires the OnAddNew event.

At this point, the new row exists only in the grid—it does not have a bookmark, and it does not yet represent a physical database record. The new row is added to the underlying data source when the user navigates to another data row or the AddNew row. To finally persist/save the data to the database the you must click the Save button located at the top-left of the ribbon toolbar or press the short-cut key combination CTRL+S.





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