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Command Line Interface




The command line interface is created to facilitate execution of external applications. You can add those apps that you usually used such as eBIRForms, Relief, Alphatlist, etc. provided that these external apps must be installed on the local machine.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Click CM

2. Click CommanLine Interface button button

3. Add or edit new external apps on the grid table. Fill up the columns properly. On the column "FilePath", click the dropdown button to select the executable file for the app.

4. Click Save

5. Click Close when done. If you add new app on the Command Line, you must close and open the whole system to refresh and reflect the new added app.


To run the external application:

6. Select and double-click the command line item. In this sample the selected item is Relief Validation 2.1, upon double-clicking this application will be executed.





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