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T10 Explorer is a CODE COMPLETE database explorer. It was created using C# and intended for rapid software application development. It provides almost all the CRUD functionalities, user  interface and report mapping that most programmers do when developing a software. It's ideal for software developers who want to develop customized software at the speed that never been possible before. Also, it is intended for software users who want to customise and develop software of their own as they need only to learn T-SQL to create ERP.
It uses a parser that can retrieve the value from a given object or grid's cell with mathematical and if-then-else capabilities that can be used to create custom formula field.
It uses SQL Server 2017 hosted on the cloud to save and retrieve data.  On-premise database is also supported.
 Currently supported reporting tools are the following:

SQL Reporting Services (rdl and rdlc files)

Crystal Reports (rpt files)

Excel File (xlsx files)

Word (docx files)

PDF Files

Flex Pivot

A Report Schema Viewer is provided to easily examine the above report documents for easy mapping of data. It supports importing/exporting of data from/to the following sources/destination:

CSV or text file

Excel file

XML file

Excel-like grid data presentation with search and filter capability are used. It uses Master-Detail or Parent-Child relationship when presenting these data on the grid. Gone are the days when you have to key-in the value inside the text box to get the detailed/child entries.
Constraints, Row and Column errors can be set to incorporate controls and company business rules into the system.

Now it's time to build your own ERP!

If you wish to develop a new system or customize an existing one, you can do it using the Setup Module. All you need to learn is T-SQL to create your own ERP.





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