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Ribbon Toolbars




The ribbon toobar is a graphical control element containing clickable application buttons as shown below.

Button Definitions:


Shortcut Key



New. Add new record at the bottom of the grid. Cntrl+Add is also another shortcut key for adding new record.


Open current cell DBLink, if any


Save or persist changes to the database


Print. This prints directly the currently selected report catalog on the Preview combobox without showing the Report Catalog.


Shows report catalog that the user can choose which report to be printed.


Data Transfer Service (DTS). This shows the DTS catalog that the user can choose from.


Command prompt: This shows the Command Line Interface where the user can choose which external application to run.


Refresh dataset and reset layout


Undo cell changes. To undo all changes click the icon.


Find and Replace


Copy. This key combination copies the selected content to the Clipboard


Cancel sorting of column


Cut. This key combination cuts the selected content and copies it to the Clipboard


Paste. This key combination pastes the contents of the Clipboard to the selected location.

Copy/Paste To/Trom Excel is supported.


Recalculate column formula


View User's Manual


Setup for customizing and adding applicaiton module. Available in build 598 and above only.


File Manager. This shows the file manager module where the user can choose to view files


View Central Menu. This shows all the modules that the user can access


User's default settings


Add current module to Favourite


View Where Clause Builder


View global settings


View global variables.


Theme Roller. Shows all available themes that the user can choose from. These themes affect the overal display settings such as font, colors, backgrounds, etc.


Export to Excel


View Import/Export services


Export grid to flex-pivot


Open dropdown DBLink, if any. This is now hidden starting build 512


Open file stream based on current cell, if any


Attach file stream to datarow. Need to click Save to persit to database file.


Overides constraints and restrictions. Needs password to gain access.


Lock/Unlock current column. Lock columns have image before the column caption to indicate that the column is non-editable.


Lock/Unlock saved records. This is usually used to lock saved records to avoid accidental editing. When lock, user can still edit the cell using F2 key.


Zoom out makes grid smaller


Zoom in makes grid larger.


Change celll horizontal alignment


Change cell vertical alignment


Wrap Text


Set direction after ENTER


Show/Hide filter bar


Show/hide conditional filtering


Clear Filter


Show/Hide column footer


Freeze left column(s)


Maximize/minimize splitter panels. This is useful when the user wants to view the current grid in full screen within the MDI parent screen.


Show Table Relations. You can disable or change the table relations of the curretnly open app to have a different master-detail view of the tables.


Show Parser Expression. If you want to try to generate parser expression for the currently open app.





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