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Getting Started




Before you can start using the Attendance Monitory System (AMS), you and your company must have secured from your system administrator the needed access rights. Click here for details. See also User Interface to familiarize yourself on how the system works.


Start configuring the Attendance Monitory System based on your company requirements by setting up the following master files. If you have an Excel or csv file, you can use the copy/paste feature via grid's context menu in updating these master files:


1. Time Schedules- refers to time schedules of employees. The system is shipped with default time schedules that you can update based on your company policies.

2. Employee Master File - refers to employee master files. It contains all the list of employees with their default time schedules.

3. Holidays - refers to the holidays in a given year. This is used in computing holiday pay of the employees

4. Leave Authorizer - refers to the list of approving officers for leave.

5. OT Authorizer - refers to the list of approving offices for OT.

6. Employee Current Employment Status - refers to the employment status of the employee. The system is shipped with the list of employement status based on the BIR Form 1604C

7. Payroll Custom Rounding Off - refers to the rounding off hours worked in computing the payroll man-hours.


After setting up the master files above, you are now ready to enter daily attendance of each employee into the system.


1. Payroll Calendar - refers to the payroll processing period

2. OT Request - refers to the approved OT request of the employees.

3. OB Request - refers to the approved OB request of the employees.

4. Leave Request - refers to the approved Leave request of the employees,

5. Biometrics Time Sheet - refers to the biometrics time in and time out of the employees. Use only this if you have biometrics file to be upload to facilitate computation of working hours.

6. Attendance Sheet - refers to the daily attendance of the employee with computation of their total hours worked and broken down to regular time, OT, ND, etc. The final output will the Hours Worked Summary report to be exported to the Payroll system.


At any given time, you can generate the following reports. Reports are updated in real time as they are processed based on the raw data.

1. Attendance Sheet

2. Hours Worked Summary to be exported to the Payroll system.

3. SL/VL Summary

4. Leave Summary






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