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Getting Started For The First Time




Before you can start using any system applications, you and your company must have the needed database installed and given access rights. Your administrator must setup the following databases and access rights for you and your company.


Two databases are usually setup on SQL Server 2012 or higher version. On cloud or on premise database setup are both supported. One database is for the configuration purposes and usually named terasoft_Master and the other is a transaction database usually named terasoft_Data. These two databases can be combined into one though it is recommended to separate the configuration and the transaction databases. Click here for details.


1. Company Registration and Access Rights. Most system applications are designed under multi-company setup but subject to lincesing agreement. Click here for details.

3. User Registeration and Access Rights. The system is designed under multi-user setup. Each user can be given different and limited access rights Click here for details.

Once the above databases and access rights are given to you and to your company, you are now ready to use any system applications based on your acquired licenses. You may now run and login into the system, click here for details.





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