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Books of Accounts Setup-Collection




This master file refers to the books of accounts or document(s) used by the company in recording collections for services rendered. Most service companies used Official Receipt (OR) to record collections. Setup the this master file based on your accountable forms registered with the BIR. The system is shipped with pre-defined books of accounts. You can add or delete the books based on your company requirements. If you are required to maintain separate books for the branch, you can create books for each branch but you have to update first the Branch master file.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Click Cenral Menu. Your Central Menu maybe different from the screenshot below as each user can have different menu and access rights.

2. Select System->Construction Management System or
Systems->SALES OF SERVICES - Simplified or
Systems->Project Contract Managemeng. (This master file is used by these systems)

 3. Double-click Master Files -> Books Of Accounts Setup - Collections. You will be redirected to Books of Accounts Setup - Collection tab window.


4. Add or delete the documents to be used in recording collections. It's recommended to set Inactive than deleting the records.

5. Click Save when done. You can update this file from time to time.


Data Definition:

Database Table Name: gl_BooksOfAccount
Primary Keys: CoID+DocType

Column Name

Sample Value




This is automatically filled-up by the system



DocType refers to the document type. This is usually printed as part of the document number. Ex: OR-00001 = OR is the doctype and 00001 is the document number of DocNo.


Official Receipt

DocDesc refers to the description of the book.



BookTypeID has always a value of OR to indicate that this doctype is for collection



BookName has alwayas a value of CASH RECEIPTS BOOK.

Part of GL


Check this if the book is part of the GL books of accounts.



Refers to the location where the document will be used and recorded. Ex: Head Office or Davao Branch. The GL system is capable to print books of accounts per location.



Manual = the DocNo is manually encoded
 Continues = the DocNo is automatically supplied by the system in chronological order
 Yearly = the DocNo is reset every year and it contains the Year as prefix: Ex: 2019000001
 Monthly = the DocNo is reset every month and it contains the Year and Month as prefix: Ex: 20190100001 (Year=2020 and Month=01 and actual no. = 00001

Refers to the document numbering mode that the system will be used to generate the document number. See Document Numbering Mode for details.



Refers to the length of the document number. The system uses 0 padding for uniformity of length. Ex: 00001 for DocDefinedLength = 5. It will be padded with 0.



A=Active; I=InActive

Createdby, DateCreated, Modifiedby, DateModified


These columns are called audit trails. Their values are auto-generated. One who created or modified the app. It is assumed that the current user is the one who created or modified the record.





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