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Chart Of Accounts - Notes




The Chart Of Accounts - NOTES master file is used to group the chart of accounts based on the company's notes to fianancial statements. The system is shipped with a default Chart Of Accounts - NOTES. You can update it based on your audtited FS.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Open Cenral Menu

2. Select System->GL

3. Double-click Master Files -> Chart Of Accounts - NOTES. You will be redirected to Chart Of Accounts - NOTES tab window.


4. Review and update the records. The following columns must be filled-up properly

OrderNo refers to the sort order

AccountNoteId refers to the ID number. You may add new and edit existing IDs.

AccountNotesDesc refers to the description that will be shown on the Notes to FS.

AccountFaceID refers to the ID number that the Notes is linked in the FS

AccountFaceDesc refers to the description to be shown in the FS. You can edit existing description to conform with your audited fs.

Status. A=Active; I=Inactive

5. Click Save. You can update this file from time to time.






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